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Juliet & Charles Snape
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Pages 14 and 15/Which box?:
Pages 16/The curious castle:
There are 26 strange things marked in the picture below:
1. Flying hat.
2. The reflection of sun in the
moat is wrong (moon).
3. Face on tower.
4. Flags flying in opposite directions.
5. Ice cream.
6. Pink icing topping.
7. Tree upside down.
8. Telephone.
9. Belisha beacon.
10. Toothbrush oar.
11. Window upside down.
12. Picture on outside wall.
13. All shadows in wrong direction.
14. Pink fluffy slippers.
15. Toaster.
16. Whale in moat.
17. Submarine in moat.
18. Reflection is square arch.
19. Reflection of dog missing.
20. Extra monk in reflection.
21. Keyhole in tree.
22. Wrong reflection for owl.
23. Reflection of tree, should be
24. Reflecton of sock missing.
25. Relection of swan wrong way
Buzz 2

Front cover/Find the differences:
The 12 differences are:
(1) Different colour on upper sleeve (2) No yellow ' V '
(3) Circle missing (4) Stripes are different (5) Colour in ' V ' different
(6) Left hand waving (7) Bodice colour different
(8) Stripes going in opposite direction (9) Eyes
(10) Sleeve only one colour (11) Colour below elbow different
(12) Skirt yellow
Pages 2/Sorting shields:
Pages 4 and 5/Crown jewels:
The secret word is treasure.
Pages 8 and 9/Crown jewels:
The correct path leads to Trumpet Castle.
Pages 10 and 11/The game of pile up:
A typical game is shown below:
The start of the game: the 5 counters are
placed on the turrets.
Player 2 also makes a pile of 2 counters.
Player 2 moves the pile of 4 counters 4 spaces clockwise. He passes over the single counter.
Player 1 moves the pile of 4 counters 4 spaces clockwise, landing on the single counter.
She wins the game.
Player 1 moves 2 places and makes a pile
of 4 counters.
Player 1 makes a pile of 2 counters.
Pages 12 and 13/Colour by shape:
Buzz and Fizz are riding on a dragon.
Pages 6 and 7/Sort the shapes: