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Juliet & Charles Snape
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Pages 14 and 15/Fruit fractions:
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Pages 16/The curious farmyard:
There are 22 strange things marked in the picture below:
1. Zebra
2. Tie around chimney
3. Zip in tree
4. Gloves not trees
5. Horse pulling boat
6. Letter on roof
7. Milk churn instead of chimney
8. Ears for shutters
9. Fish hanging from line
10. Giant pencil
11. Giant loaf
12. T.V. in stacked hay
13. Plate not wheel on tractor
14. Square wheel on trailer
15. Fork
16. Duck has top hat
17. Reflection wrong way round
18. Jelly
19. Chicken playing banjo
20. Pig wearing wellies
21. Tea tray
22. Hens don't lay tennis balls
Buzz 5

Front cover/Which is missing?:
The missing item is the small tin next to the teacup.
Page 2/Half a sandwich:
Pages 4 and 5/What's missing from the mix?:
The secret word is honey.
Pages 8 and 9/Halves maze:
Pages 10 and 11/Match the fractions:
Pages 12 and 13/Colour by fractions:
Pages 6 and 7/Dots with fractions: