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Juliet & Charles Snape
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Pages 14 and 15/A good turn
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Pages 16/The curious island
There are 21 strange things marked in the picture below:
1. Parrot with top hat
2. Skier
3. Frying pan
4. Fried egg
5. High flying fish
6. Tap
7. Sunglasses
8. Road sign
9. Hair brush
10. Door in rock
11. Road sign shadow is going
wrong way
12. Sock
13. Giant apple
14. Igloo
15. Dust pan and brush
16. Lit candle in bottle
17. Buried teapot
18. Giant banana in hammock
19. Wool turning into snake and
knitting needle is a pen
20. Light bulb
21. Drain
Buzz 6

Front cover/How many boxes
There are 20 boxes (5 boxes of tea, 8 boxes of spice and 7 boxes of cocoa) waiting to be loaded.
Page 2/Measure up
Pages 4 and 5/Loads of measuring
The treasure word is crown.
Pages 8 and 9/Island maze
A route to the fourth treasure (Necklace) is shown in green. There are other ways.
Pages 10 and 11/Measure match
Buzz should have washed up instead of playing with the telescope.
Pages 12 and 13/What's so heavy?
Pages 6 and 7/What's the catch?
Ahmad's line is 3 cm. It is the shortest line and his 'catch' is the bottle.
Luke's line is 11 cm. It is the longest line and his 'catch' is the pan.