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Juliet & Charles Snape
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Pages 14 and 15/Messy mix
Number 3 is the correct chart.
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Pages 16/Curious Street
There are 23 strange things marked in the picture below:
1. Parcel
2. Sunflower
3. Flower box upside-down
4. Cat upside-down
5. Parrot
6. Jelly
7. Candle
Eyes in windows
9. Brush
10. Shark
11. Door number not reflected properly
12. Row boat
13. Traffic lights upside-down
14. Square umbrella with its own rain cloud
15. Ducks
16. Square wheels
Baby in wheelbarrow
18. Rug
19. Robot
20. Leg for wheel
21. Coat hanger
22. Picture frame
23. Door number wrong
Buzz 8

Front cover/Which shadow?
Shadow 4 is correct.
Page 2/Coloured balls
There are most of the blue balls. (5 red, 7 blue, 6 yellow, 4 green and 3 orange.)
Pages 4 and 5/Sort the animals
Pages 8 and 9/Stage set
Tree has the fewest number of blocks.
Pages 10 and 11/Making turns
Buzz is green. Buzz can get to the theatre in 5 turns, Fizz needs to make 6.
Pages 12 and 13/Colour by shape
There are 8 hidden animals (elephant, tiger, giraffe, snake, crocodile, frog, parrot and monkey).
Pages 6 and 7/Learning lines
Kwok (more than 20 lines and an odd number) and Luke (an even number).