© Juliet & Charles Snape 2009
Volume 14
CIRCA 42: Solutions
Front cover/ferry puzzle

There are different ferry route solutions.

Pages 2 and 3/Dollars and cents
Dollar search
There are 20 groupings of
a dollar to be found on the grid.

Deli prices quiz
(1) 6, (2) 16, (3) 1 kg, (4) 30, (5) 4 kg, (6) 9, (7) 4, (8) 12.
The correct answers spell out DOUGHNUT.

Pages 4 and 5/
Movie mysteries
Reel find

The reel of film is on the second floor.

Re-shooting stars

You will have to read carefully through the clues to get the sets of ‘characters’ and ‘locations’.
You should make a note of them.

Clue 2 tells you that Arnie is in the café.
Clue 4 tells you that Chrissy is on the basketball court.
From Clue 5 you can deduce that Arnie is the monster.
From Clue 1 you can deduce that Davy must be in the make-up room and Bianca must be in the trailer.
Clue 6 tells you that Bianca is the vampire.
From Clue 3 you can deduce that Chrissy is playing the student and therefore Davy is playing the

Page 6 and 7/Rachel routes
How many ways?

There are 6 different
routes for Rachel to jog.

A bigger driveway
The missing numbers (from top left) 2, 4, 10 and 20 (each is the sum of the two numbers directly above).
There are 20 different routes in a 9-diamond driveway

Even bigger driveways
The numbers in the first row are: 1, 7, 21, 35, 35, 21, 7, 1.
The numbers in the second row are: 1, 8, 28, 56, 70, 56, 28, 8, 1. There are 70 different routes.

Page 8 and 9/Gold rush

The four routes form four squares which also intersect at the hat under which the gold is buried.

Page 10 and 11/Native Americans and wampum
Pages 12 and 13/Cab ways
1. Popcorn purchase
Mina Bought 12 packs of popcorn altogether.
6 packs of butterscotch $4.00
6 packs of salted $3.00

2. Skyscraper rules
(A) 19 The rule is, going down, -3, +2
(B) 27 The rule is, going down, -5, -4
(C) 32 The rule is, going down, -5, +4
(D) 50 The rule is, going down, -10, then double.

3. Roof top pool
8 minutes.

4. Reflection
Alice: Extra dough (back page)
This is an ‘old chestnut’ of a problem that still manages to baffle at first sight. The waiters thinking is plainly wrong; he has added the price of the meals including his £3.00 tip to the tip again.