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Volume 16
CIRCA 48: Solutions

Front cover/Hiker puzzle
There are 49 poses altogether.

20 of this pose



18 of this pose




11 of this pose

Pages 2 and 3/Mixed up measures

Who is tallest?
Zac is the tallest.
Rosie (A, C and I) is 1.115 m.
Zac (E, G and H) is 1.29 m.
Leo (B, D and F) is 1.13 m.

Who has the heaviest backpack?
Rosie has the heaviest.
Rosie’s pack is 1.05 kg, Zac’s is 0.85 kg
and Leo’s is 0.95 kg.

Whose journey to the lighthouse was the furthest?
Leo walked the furthest.
Rosie walked exactly 1 km.
Zac walked 950 m.
Leo walked 1.1 km.

Pages 4 and5/Mardi marche

The route: le melon (500 g), du raisin (250 g), la fraise (500 g), la pomegranate (500 g),
la framboise (250 g), la peche (1 kg), la banane (500 g), la pomme (500 g), l’orange (750 g) and finally la cerise (250 g). It makes a total of 5000 g or 5 kilograms. If all the fruit was taken it would weigh 6 kg. Leo misses out the pears and lemons.

Pages 6 and 7/
Measure up

The secret words: great outdoors


Pages 8 and 9/Measure for treasure

Red team: golf clubs
Blue team: water ring
Green team: snorkel kit
Purple team: beach ball

Purple team:
5 m due south
10 m due east
10.5 m due north
15.5 m due east




































Pages 10 and 11/Measuring time

The secret word: holidays

This problem solving activity asks the reader to match time sentences to a variety of pictures, made up of clockfaces, 24 hour examples, angles made by clock hands and time questions. Discussion could be had on why timetables use the 24 hour clock, and how midnight is shown on digital displays (00.00 or 24.00)?


Pages 12 and 13/Pool problems

1. Water rings
Adam had GREEN.
Billy had RED.
Charlie had BLUE.

2. Which stroke?
Anna was swimming the BREASTSTROKE.
Bart was swimming the BUTTERFLY.
Callum was swimming the CRAWL.
Davina was swimming the BACKSTROKE.

3. Mix up
Lucy had chosen GOGGLES.
Arthur had chosen FLIPPERS.
Garry had chosen the BEACH BALL.


Pages 14 and 15/Are you puzzled?

1. Stepping stones

There are eleven 11s. 4+7, 7+2+1+1, 1+10, 9+2, 2+6+3, 3+8, 8+2+1, 1+6+4, 4+7, 7+2+2, 6+5.


2. Which is heaviest?
The square is heaviest. The circle is next,followed by the triangle. The rectangle is the lightest.


3. Whose glass is whose?
A is Posy’s (half full), B is Charlie’s (three quarters full), C is Grace’s (quater full), D is Will’s (seven eighths full), E is Noah’s (one eighth full) and F is Jonah’s (empty).


4. Brick weight
The brick weighs 2 kg.
1 brick = 1 kg (that’s half a brick) + half a brick (that’s 1 kg).



Alice: Out for lunch (back page)
You only need to open one box and any will do: for example, open the lunch box labelled ‘Mel’. If the sandwich is peanut butter you will know that it belongs to Louis. Because all the boxes are wrongly labelled, you will know that the box labelled ‘Alice’ must contain Mel’s jam and peanut butter sandwiches, and vice versa.
Page 15/Pourings
It is possible to make all the measures from
1 litre to 7 litres with the two jugs. (See Teachers Notes tn48.htm)