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Volume 17
CIRCA 51: Solutions

Front cover/Cups and saucers
1 and 13 (light blue), 2, 4 and 8 (red), 3, 12, 14 (purple), 5 and 6 (blue), 7 and 10 (green), 9 and 11 (yellow).







Pages 2 and 3/Handy multiplication
The answer to the riddle is: towel.

Pages 4 and5/Odd or even
1. 5(m) and 7(o)
2. even (i)
3. 7(t) and 8(e)
4. 7 meatballs (g)
5. 8(r) and 6(a)
6. 3(z), 5(l) and 9(e)

7 + 3 = 10 even
12 + 6 = 18 even
2 + 5 = 7 odd
e.g. 3 + 5 + 7 = 15 odd
6 x 3 = 18 even
9 - 4 = 5 odd

The letters spell out:
molte grazie which means ‘thank you very much’ in Italian.

Pages 6 and 7/
Balancing gondolas
1. 2 kg (s)
2. 5 (a)
3. 1.6 kg (t)
4. 7 meatballs (g)
5. 6 kg (a)
6. 5a = b (p)

The letters spell out: pasta

Pages 8 and 9/Factor maze































Pages 10 and 11/Who shattered the glass?
Gina was the singer whose voice shattered the glass. Here’s how we deduced this: Clue 1 does not give a name, but we know it is a man (and not Gina). So tick bass and toga in the 4th row (it will help to keep the females together on the grid). Crosses should be added in those columns, as all other options are eliminated, as well as the remaining cells in the 4th row.
Clue 2 gives two negatives for Gina. Put Gina on the grid and crosses on her row under helmet and soprano.
Clue 3 gives us Mona for the 2nd row. She gets a cross under contralto (the lowest voice).
Clue 4 Benedict can have the 5th row. He gets a tick for tenor (put crosses in remaining cells of that row and column).
Clue 5 Alfonzo gets a tick for toga, which is in the 4th row.
Clue 6: we will have to come back to this clue, as we can’t yet tell if it’s Pippa or Mona to tick for the helmet.
Clue 7: the third male is called Dante, who gets ticks for archer and baritone (put crosses on all other cells of those rows and columns).
Clue 8: Ticks for Benedict, the tenor wearing a top hat.
Clue 9: Pippa gets the red necklace: more crosses to eliminate, leaving Mona in the helmet (clue 6).
Clue 10: Only the feathered hat remains for Gina, who breaks the glass.

Pages 12 and 13/Pasta chains

Starting pairs
There are 100 possible starting pairs: the first number has 10 possible starts (0-9). Each of these has 10 possibilities (1,1) (1,2) and so on.

Longest and shortest
The longest chain possible is 60 links (not including the starting pair). The shortest chain apart from (0,0) is from (0,5) which only has 3 links.

(9,9) for example has 60 links. One of the longest chains starts with (0,1). It has 60 links as well, as does (1,0). Some pairs swopped around give the most different results, for example, (2,1) has a chain of 12, whilst (1,2) has a chain of 56.


Page 14 and 15/Are you puzzled?

1. Which waiter?

3 is the correct silhouette.


2. Olives

There were 24 olives at the start.


3. Wrong reflection

The bowl of salad is the wrong way around in picture B.


4. Hot dinners

Dome A has chicken and spaghetti, dome B has fish and macaroni, dome C has meatballs
and tagliatelle.


Page 16/Photo count

The minimum number
of people that
could have been in
the photograph is 7.