CIRCA's self-contained spreads cover the topics from the National Curriculum
and National Numeracy Strategy. CIRCA's exciting approach is designed to involve
children in the exploration of mathematics.
Achilles appears on the
front cover of CIRCA 24
– 10 times! Nine are
running to the right.
Which one matches the
real Achilles?
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This colour spread
follows on from the
front cover puzzle.
(CIRCA 26) Aki and
Isako are given a set
of broken numbers
which they have to fit
together. The pieces
make the 4-digit number 6174.
Children discover why
this number is
special. Further on in
the magazine children
learn that it is a
Kaprekar constant
and are encouraged
to investigate further.

'Measuring Greeks'
shows how lengths of
our body gave us our
first measurements
that later became the standards. At the
agora (market place)
there is confusion and
the customers' orders
need sorting to match
the most appropriate
'human' measure to each item. This
involves checking
metric equivalents
and estimating length.