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Juliet & Charles Snape
Imagery and story telling play an important part in
BUZZ and CIRCA. Above, some of the characters
you'll find inside CIRCA... a Tibetan child
introduces an investigation into Fibonacci
numbers, a spy challenges children to search for
the 3-digit Kaprekar constant. Space monsters
work out percentages and eggs provide the
starting point for how Guass was so quick at
counting. Below: Buzz, Fizz and the Buzz kids
and some pages from the first issue of the

CircaMaths publishes two mathematical magazines for
children; Buzz, a new magazine for Key Stages 1 and 2 and the much acclaimed CIRCA for Key Stages 2 and 3. Both are
informative, challenging and jam-packed cover-to-cover with

Downright fun
Both are filled with a richly entertaining mathematical mix of
explanation, history and games and are published three times
a year.

BUZZ Volume 6 (2012/13)
Issue 16: Cooking numbers Nov 2012
Issue 17: Opposites March 2013
Issue 18: Patterns June 2013

CIRCA Volume 17 (20012/13)
Issue 52: Shape Nov 2012
Issue 53: Number operations March 2013
Issue 54: Amazing maths June 2013

Big discounts
Children love to have their own copies of CIRCA and many
schools recoup the cost of the magazines by selling them on.
Click here to get a copies of the BUZZ/CIRCA order form
specially designed for sending home to parents. Order more
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BUZZ is an A5 (148x210mm) 16 page magazine printed full
colour through out.Click here to find out more.

CIRCA is 16 pages printed in full colour (Click here to find out
) and are supplied with teacher's
notes (Click here to find out more).

Back issues
Some back issues of CIRCA are still available.
(How to buy).