Hee, hee!
Bonker's T ower
Count On
Dip into this collection of puzzles and jokes,
all with a mathematical twist.
You are trapped in a mysterious mansion.
Find your way out by solving puzzles, collecting
coins and bagging sweets!
Baby gets a magic calculator. Follow Baby's
adventures floating through mathsland.
Four exciting interactive games exploring mathematical operations with whole numbers.
Four exciting interactive games involving fractions.
Two e-magazines (three editions of each), 'Meenie Minus' for Key Stage 1 and 'Kaleidoscope' interactive material from CIRCA.
Visit the 'Count On' main site for more games, a 3D mathematical museum and much more!
CIRCA and Count On
Visit areas on the 'Count On' site for games and puzzles created by CIRCA writers Juliet and Charles Snape.
with Baby