CIRCA's self-contained spreads cover the topics from the National Curriculum
and National Numeracy Strategy. CIRCA's exciting approach is designed to involve
children in the exploration of mathematics.
Calculating and using
mental stragegies are
important to practice.
This engaging activity
'Mobile Maths' (CIRCA
22) involves
conversations by
carrying out mental
calculations such as
working out
estimating and a little
logical thinking.
Why does the water
level in Billy's bath
keep changing? This
puzzling problem
provides an exercise
in understanding

In CIRCA 22 the work of
Leonardo is used to
investigate ratios,
following on to making
an estimate of how tall
the real Mona Lisa was.
In 'Star Path' each of
the four spaceships
must find a path to their
home planet. Purple
can only move through
multiples of 4, Yellow
multiples of 3, Green
multiples of 6 and Blue
multipes of 7. There
are multiplication
tables to help.